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Health, Safety & Environment Guidelines

As a company predominantly active in the chemical industry, we have an obligation to respect and protect the environment. In addition to the seven ground rules of "Responsible Care“ to which we are committed, safety and the protection of the environment are entrenched in our corporate policy as follows:

“Safety and environmental protection, together with quality and operating efficiency, are among our key success factors. The prevention of accidents is one of our foremost priorities.”

Whether in the workplace or outside it, every accident is preventable and every risk can be lowered. The implementation of our safety and environmental policy and the compliance with regulations, is the task primarily of our employees. They are responsible for ensuring that they work in a safety-conscious and environmentally sound manner.

Management at all levels of the organization is responsible for creating the framework and implementing measures to promote awareness of safety and environmental issues.

The management of VSCL sets the company's safety, health and environment (SHE) policy and ensures that it is understood and put into practice at all levels. The safety goals and programs are developed as part of the medium-term planning process and regularly reviewed. Management evaluates the safety and environmental protection system on the basis of the quarterly and annual SHE reports and identifies any corrective measures to be taken. We continuously monitor our operations by gathering and analyzing safety-related data in order to rapidly spot and remedy deviations from target conditions and to track general improvements. An internal SHE report is produced annually.


Our production facilities and processes comply with the local laws and regulations and respect the environment.

VSCL takes pride in its

  • Commitment to the ‘responsible care program’
  • Effective energy conservation program
  • Incineration of waste air streams
  • Recycling of solvents as far as possible and in compliance
  • Purification of wastewater
“ The focus on regularity of QA compliance makes VSCL an extremely competitive player in the Intermediates and API space.”
USV Ltd.
Feb 2010