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Supply Chain Solutions

VSCL manages to deliver a seamless flow of material and information from our raw materials supplier, to your production line.

Our environmentally and socially conscious model provides high value, enhancing the economic performance of procurement, planning, production, storage and logistics.

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Benefits of our Supply Chain

  • Process controls with detailed systematic reporting formats and documentation
  • Measure and monitor supplier performance by enforcing checks for quality and delivery
  • Develop custom supplier solutions to proactively enhance supply chain efficiency
  • Develop customer solutions to support long term supply relationships
  • Green and socially aware model minimizes energy consumption, environmental impact and improves productivity
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Global Compliance

Compliance is a key component of VSCL’s Supply Chain strategy. We constantly strive to achieve the highest degree of compliance and are currently implementing standards from across the globe.

We comply with government and trade regulators across a number of Pharma Intermediates and Ingredients industry verticals.

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GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Our commitment to high quality standards and good manufacturing practices makes it critical for us to ensure that we cover three primary components Process Management, Staff Training & Documentation.

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